Assessment questionnaires

  • About You

    Please help us to understand more about you and your family,

  • Well-being

    This assessment takes a snapshot of your mood, lifestyle and habits

  • Finances

    We don’t need or want to know the numbers(!) This assessment looks at whether your financial situation is working for you.

  • Household Management

    This assessment looks at how you are managing your house, food, shopping, cleaning and tidying up.

  • Work

    This questionnaire looks at your work situation. If you’d like to work but currently are unable to, it’s included in the ‘hope for the future’ assessment.

  • Family and relationships

    This assessment considers how your caring role impacts your family and social life.

  • Carer confidence

    This assessment questionnaire looks at your expertise as a carer.

  • Health

    This assessment questionnaire looks at your physical health.

  • Children who are survivors of crime

    This assessment questionnaire looks how you look after a child who has survived serious violent or sexual crime.

  • Siblings and Young Carers

    This assessment asks you to think about other children in your family