We support the people who care for survivors of sexual or violent crime

We call people caring in this incredibly demanding role, 3rd party victims of crime because they are forgotten victims. They are parents, carers, children, close friends and partners who step in to care when the worst happens, often for decades.

Our work is changing lives. 100% of the people who have had support from Restitute say that their emotional well-being has increased and their ability to provide care and support for their loved one has improved.

Since being contacted by Resitute,  my life has started to have some kind of meaning. I now feel I finally have the backup and support I have always needed. I’m getting positive information to help deal with my life and to support my family.  – mum of a survivor of domestic violence.

Restitute also gives you a safe environment to offload all your worries, and as they are bound by confidentiality you know that whatever you need to say is kept safe by trust boundaries. This is always useful if you have found it hard at times to trust when trust has been abused in the past. – daughter of a survivor of sexual assault.

Quite honestly i dont think i would be where i am now without Restitute’s help.When i look back on where i was when Restitute came into my life and look at where i am now  there is a huge difference in myself and my family for the better. – mum of a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

While many victims of crime prefer to refer to themselves as survivors, the lack of awareness, support and stigmatisation faced by people caring for survivors means that their needs are often misunderstood, although primary victims are only too aware of the vital support that they offer. To the rest of society, they are the forgotten victims of crime. Through our work, we hope to change this.

Our aims

One minute I had a career, a social life and our life was fantastic – we were building a future. The next, I had to abandon my job and provide care for my partner. I wouldn’t change that in any way but as his mental health has deteriorated, I have become more isolated, our finances have collapsed neither of us have any idea what the future will be. Apart from bleak.

Stefan, A partner

We offer practical and personalised support to 3rd party victims of crime based in the UK. You can contact us using this form. If you are outside our current working area, then the information in our Help and Support section provides comprehensive and detailed information that should help.

Restitute offers training to organisations, businesses and particularly those agencies that count victims of crime and their families amongst their service users. Our training is delivered by 3rd party victims of crime with lived experience of caring for someone who is a survivor of a serious sexual or violent crime.

3rd party victims of crime face stigmatisation and misunderstanding on a daily basis. They suffer guilt and shame that leads to isolation, mental health issues on top of the demands of caring for a loved one with complex needs. Our education and awareness raising work aims to bust myths and create more understanding and support across society. Find out how to support our work here.

Something keeping you up at night?

You aren’t alone. You may find more information in our section: “The Tough Stuff” – things no-one talks about

During my exams I had to go and stay at a friends house because things were so unpredictable at home. I couldn’t guarantee getting a good night’s sleep because of my sister’s mental health.

Nathan, A brother

Restitute has offered support for us all but worked with my son. They helped with driving lessons which meant he could stay in school  – the only bit of continuity left in his life apart from his siblings and mum and meant I no longer had to do the 110 mile round trip dropping him to school (as we had to flee our home) before work. It was unsustainable on top of everything else. My physical and mental health was suffering. I don’t think I could have carried on. This practical roll your sleeves up support was like a life raft and enabled me to keep working so I could support my family financially as well as dealing with caring for everyone at home.

Leah, A mum

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