For many parents whose children are survivors of serious violent or sexual crimes, school and education in general is a source of huge anxiety. Parents face pressure to maintain their child’s attendance and attainment and attempt to encourage, cajole and insist that their child continues with education as before.

Threats of fines and even court appearances for non-attendance add additional pressure. Fears of bullying, their child falling behind with education and having their life chances ruined mean that many parents attempt to ‘carry on as before.’ For some children, this is the right thing to do. Maintaining routine, continuing to see friends and having something positive to think about help to build resilience. For others, it’s just too much.

Your loved one’s health is more important than anything else.

This part of our website has information, suggestions and resources that may help if you have a child of school-age or support an adult who is in further or higher education or considering university or college. There is also information about your own education choices.

It took us a long time to accept that we couldn’t ‘have it all.’ Despite all the pressure from school, society and our inner voice telling us that her education was important. In the end, something had to give and we had to accept that her health was far more important than her education.

What’s different nowadays is that there are so many options and possibilities to catch up, either through college or access courses. Some of the top universities offer places to over 21s who’ve been disadvantaged as children so we know that when the time is right, and when she’s healthy, there will be another chance.

Leah, A Mum