Why does Restitute concentrate on practical support?2019-11-11T14:43:16+00:00

From our experience – practical support and information is the area where 3rd party victims of crime lack resources and it’s this gap that damages both carers and primary victims.

Psychological support is very helpful – but it isn’t our area of expertise. And if it isn’t backed up by decent services, information and practical support, carers really struggle. We believe we know what 3rd party victims of crime need to be able to better support their loved ones – so that’s what we’re doing.

About Restitute2020-01-16T08:35:12+00:00

Restitute is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company.

Community Interest Companies put all their profits back into the company and must be able to prove they operate for the public good. In addition, an ‘asset lock’ ensures that if Restitute stops operating all its assets will be passed onto either a charity or another Community Interest Company with similar aims

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