Whether you provide services to people who may be 3rd party victims of crime or if amongst your staff are people who are caring in complex and challenging circumstances, Restitute can offer training and consultation services to ensure that the people that matter to your organisation receive the support they need.

It’s really hard having to explain to people the challenges we face on a daily basis. People are compassionate – I truly believe that – but in order to understand, they need to know. And the only way to achieve that is through training.

Stefan, A partner

Training for businesses and workplaces

  • Greater resilience and more support for affected staff

  • A safer understanding of legal protections for carers

  • A more compassionate, kinder and productive workplace

  • A better understanding of the challenges faced by carers reducing friction, resentment and misunderstanding


  • Working with parents and carers in schools following sexual abuse disclosure or allegations

  • Ensuring staff and colleagues have good information following criminal activity in or near places of employment.

  • Developing information, policies and standards that support staff with challenging caring responsibilities

We offer consultation and support services to workplaces, institutions and agencies who need to support staff or service users who may be 3rd party victims of crime.