Direct work with clients

Our direct work with 3rd party victims of crime will always be free at the point of delivery, although this work may be commissioned by statutory services. We travel to our clients so they don’t have to make travel or care arrangements that can be costly.


We are happy to meet with organisations, agencies and businesses for an initial informal discussion about how we can work together and there is usually no charge for this unless travel costs are very high.

Our training work supports our direct work with 3rd party victims of crime and there is always a charge for this based on the time required and numbers of people who will be receiving our training.

Our training packages cost approximately £30 per delegate for 3 hours training, based on a minimum of 15 delegates.


We do not believe that 3rd party victims of crime with years of lived experience and valuable insight should work as volunteers. This is because:

  • 3rd party victims of crime are financially disadvantaged and may need to pay for and arrange alternative care in order to attend.
  • Our lived experience and insight has value and our involvement is often a statutory requirement for service development.
  • It devalues and demeans 3rd party victims of crime when they are asked to attend meetings or information gathering events when others are being paid for their time and work.
  • Too often, volunteers provide information and discover that their presence was merely a ‘tick-box’ exercise, their hopes are raised that their participation will lead to improvements only to be dashed when changes aren’t forthcoming.
  • Organisations that pay for information, consultation or expertise, make more considered use of the information provided and only invite consultees to support them when they are ready to make changes.

Expect to pay at least minimum wage, plus travel and alternative care costs for meeting attendance or service development conferences. We hold a database of suitable attendees and 100% of their fees go directly to the 3rd party victim of crime. Where consultants are unable to accept payment because of restrictions or penalty to their benefits, they can choose to donate this fee to Restitute or ask that the host organisation does this on their behalf.

Expect to pay market rate for public speaking, facilitation, leadership or consultation. Our speakers are experienced, vibrant and inspiring.

It’s so frustrating being asked to attend a meeting and then realising that nothing is going to change. You just end up feeling like it’s a huge waste of time and money.

Attending through Restitute, I know I’m going to be taken seriously and the organisation that has invited me is really going to listen to what I have to say but more importantly… they’re keen to make changes that improve the lives of carers, survivors of violent crime and their families.

Ellen, A Mum