Bedfordshire Support Services

On this page, you will find local resources designed to support families caring for victims of sexual or violent crimes in Bedfordshire.

Victim Support help anyone affected by crime – the victim, friends and family or others involved. You can get help at anytime regardless of when the crime took place. Victim Support help you to:

  1. Feel safe and secure.
  2. Understand your rights and services you’re entitled to.
  3. Explore ways to cope.
  4. Connect you to support networks.

Here you can find information on:   

  1. What to expect as a witness of crime.
  2. What happens after a crime is reported.
  3. The victims right to review scheme.
  4. Giving a witness or victim statement.
  5. Going to court and what happens after the trial.
  6. Victim and witness support organisations.

Bedfordshire Victim Care Services supports victims, relatives, parents or guardians of victims. They offer free and confidential support to those affected by crime regardless of whether it has been reported or not.

This Women’s refuge provides a safe place for women and their children to recover from trauma and rebuild their lives. Staff provide emotional and practical advice to help women and children to build their confidence, community networks, skills and resilience they need to enable them to resettle independently and free from fear.

NHS mental health services provided across Bedfordshire.

Direction for Bedfordshire provides a list of mental health services available across Bedfordshire.

Synergy Service is an integrated support service with emphasis on prevention, early intervention and integration for people who are at risk of losing their independence. The service provides tailored support to clients aged 16+ over a maximum of two years, to improve their opportunity to live successfully in the community. The ethos of the service is to enable, empower and encourage individuals to develop the skills and tools to manage their accommodation, tenancies, health and wellbeing.

Central Bedfordshire SENDIASS  provides free impartial & confidential information, advice and support for parents, carers, children and young people (0 to 25 years) in relation to Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) in an educational setting.

Home-Start Central Bedfordshire helps young children and their families who are struggling with physical and mental ill health, disabilities, bereavement and domestic abuse.

The Trauma Service supports children in Bedfordshire and Luton who have been affected by distressing events, such as sexual abuse, domestic abuse, assault or witnessing an accident.  They also support children and young people who have experienced a death of someone they knew in a traumatic way, like murder, suicide or other sudden death.

Carers in Bedfordshire is a registered charity that helps unpaid carers of all ages by providing information, support and advice.