Leicestershire Support Services

On this page, you will find local resources designed to support families caring for victims of sexual or violent crimes in Leicestershire. 

Victim First is a free, independent and confidential service supporting victims and witnesses of crime across Leicestershire and Rutland.

Here you can find information on:   

  1. What to expect as a witness of crime.
  2. What happens after a crime is reported.
  3. The victims right to review scheme.
  4. Giving a witness or victim statement.
  5. Going to court and what happens after the trial.
  6. Victim and witness support organisations.

Women’s Aid offers temporary refuge accommodation and support services for all victims of domestic abuse and violence, regardless of race, gender, age or sexual orientation.

FREEVA free from violence and abuse offers services to victims of domestic and sexual violence, family and friends and professionals. They have a list of other services that help victims.

First Step is an organization run for male survivors and their supporters of sexual abuse and rape. They provide free and confidential services.

Juniper Lodge is a sexual assault referral centre offering free medical support and have forensic services.

The Leicester Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Centre is a voluntary organization established to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. They have a domestic abuse service and counselling.

The New Futures Project provide support to women and young people in the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland area; who are at risk of or who are being sexually exploited.

The Race Equality Centre challenge racial discrimination, promote the benefits of a racially just society and empower individuals and communities affected by racial disadvantage.

The Local Offer gives children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities and their families information about what support services are available in their area.

Life Links provides a wellness and mental health recovery service tailored to meet your needs.

The Leicester Carers Support Service offers free and confidential support to all carers 18+.  Support includes:

  • One to one support.
  • Drop-in at city centre Carers Hub.
  • Information, advice and signposting on all carer-related matters such as lasting powers of attorney, carers allowance, carers’ rights and much more.
  • Carers cafes and support groups.
  • Carer learning, wellbeing sessions and carer breaks.

Leicestershire Action for Mental health Project provide a free independent mental health service to help people who:

  • want to access care and support for their mental health well-being.
  • wish to question a decision about their care and support care for someone with mental health issues.
  • have a mental health need (or are concerned about a family member, colleague or friend).