North Yorkshire Support Services

On this page, you will find local resources designed to support families caring for victims of sexual or violent crimes in North Yorkshire.

Victim Support help anyone affected by crime – the victim, friends and family or others involved. You can get help at anytime regardless of when the crime took place. Victim Support help you to:

  1. Feel safe and secure.
  2. Understand your rights and services you’re entitled to.
  3. Explore ways to cope.
  4. Connect you to support networks.

Supporting Victims provide free information and advice to support victims of crime.

Survive offers specialist counselling and support work to all adults across North Yorkshire who have experienced sexual trauma.

The Hazlehurst Centre SARC offers a comprehensive service for anyone living in West Yorkshire, who has experienced sexual violence or sexual abuse

Yor Sexual Health is a website that has information and services relating to sexual health.

IDAS offers free and confidential services to help people cope with, and recover from, the traumatic effects of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Foundation support individuals and families affected by homeless or at risk of homelessness, leaving prison or on probation, leaving care and domestic abuse.

Here can be found the NHS mental health services available in North Yorkshire.

Healthwatch North Yorkshire provide a list of mental health services across North Yorkshire.

The Local Offer provides useful information for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and their families.

Carers Plus Yorkshire provide support and advice to unpaid carers. They work with other organisations to enhance the resources and services available.