There may come a time when you feel that it isn’t possible for you to keep your loved one safe at home and they’re mental health has deteriorated to such at an extent that they are danger to themselves or to someone else.

There are two primary routes into an inpatient mental health hospital, voluntarily or through detention under the Mental Health Act. There are also some other option available in some areas of the country such as crisis beds or respite care but these are few and far between.

Treatment once someone is in a mental health hospital (sometimes called ‘being inpatient’ of a Tier 4 service) is almost idential regardless of whether someone is admitted voluntarily or through the Mental Health Act.

Beacuse there is a shortage of Mental Health beds, all places in Mental Health hospitals are managed by NHS England and although ideally patients are sent to a local hospital, it is not the slightest bit unusal for people to be sent anywhere in the country.The NHS regularly purchases beds for patients from private hospitals. This may sound like a ‘posh’ option but the reality is that these hospitals are not of any greater standard or quality than NHS hospitals.

If you find the idea of your loved one being admitted to a mental health hospital frightening, you are not alone.

Brook, A sister

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