Falling through the Cracks

The impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse is beginning to be better understood. Resources, research and compassion are rightly provided to survivors.

However, the impact on families – those who care for survivors and those who are traumatised by what has happened to their loved ones – is misunderstood, unrecognised and woefully underfunded.

Because of this, parents, carers, siblings, and loved ones fall through the cracks with services and professionals making assumptions about who is providing support and the legal framework around 3rd party victims.  All too frequently, families are left traumatised, isolated, and stigmatised.

Professionals from Health, Education, Local Authorities, VCSE, Police and Criminal Justice and Carer Services are invited to join Restitute, keynote speakers and high-profile panel members to learn, collaborate and find solutions to ensure that families caring for people who have survived sexual abuse are not left picking up the pieces on their own.

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